Did you check our newly designed website?

It has been a long time, but we finally have a freshly designed new website.

You can now view the site on any device, including a cell phone and a tablet.

More new features are planned and will be released gradually.

Please have a look at http://ParkMyPhone.com http://ParkMyFax.com and http://ParkMy800.com and let us know what you think.


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Customer asks: We spend half of our time in West Africa and half in the US. How can we port the number back to a prepaid phone?

Thank you for your question.
While we cannot speak for other companies, we can say for certainty that customers are able to port numbers freely to any provider interested in receiving such customers.
Generally speaking, you will create an account but ask them to port an existing number, instead of getting a new number (you could use the new numbers temporarily).

The porting process may take a few days to complete. Just as an FYI. within 6 months we intend to offer a mobile service which will be for customers like you going back and forth from and to the USA, without needing to port the number back and forth.

Please contact us several weeks before you return for more details.

In the meantime, you may want to use an app service that installs on your cell phone to allow you to make and receive calls (to the US and Canada) while you are in West Africa from you own number aAs long as you have good  internet connection

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RingPlus is shutting down but Park My Cell Phone (ParkMyCellPhone.com) is here to help

RingPlus is shutting down soon. If you need help saving your phone number immediately call us 1-877-727-5698 and mention that your current provider is shutting down. Our Express service will help you port your mobile number in a few hours or on the same day. We are offering 50% off for the Express porting fee, in order to help those in stress to find a new home for their phone number. Call us or go to our website www.ParkMyCellPhone.com we are here to help :)

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Porting your phone or fax number is now quicker

One of the major concerns of our customers is how fast we can port their number. Usually they want to do it as soon as possible, or better say immediately.

For a phone number which is not a cell phone (land lines, Fax numbers, VoIP numbers) the current standard is about 2-3 business days which translates to an average of a calendar week. In some cases we are happy to complete the port in the next day, or two. But on average it can take a week. Porting a fax number may take about 10 days or less. Porting a Toll Free number usually takes a week or less.

Cell phone companies have established their own porting process (using a ‘clearing house’ methodology) in order to be able to port cell phone numbers almost instantly. And customers have become accustomed to a speedy porting process.

Today we are glad to announce that customers porting their Cell Phone numbers (using ParkMyCellPhone.com) can choose to port their number within a few business hours. Most numbers will port on the same day, if we receive all the necessary information by 2 PM Eastern time.

Listening to our customers’ needs we strive to constantly improve our quality of service. A few months ago we have introduced our online signup form, to make it easier for customers to sign up, with no need to fax us the forms. This saves customers time on sending forms via fax, and expedites the process.
We continue to work on improving our website and we hope to introduce  more improvements shortly.

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Nextel is shutting down what to do with my phone number

Sprint has decided to shut down the Nextel brand (http://www.brandchannel.com/home/post/2012/11/07/Sprint-Nextel-Rebranding-110712.aspx). While doing that it seems that some customers will not be allowed to keep their phone number without buying a brand new phone (that will work on the Sprint network, not the Nextel network).

Park My Phone now offers an Express track for cell phone owners who wish to port their number urgently, without losing their phone number.

Contact us a t 877-727-5698 to learn more.

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wave2wave and RNK going out of business?

We recently learned that customers of wave2wave and it’s subsidiary RNK do not have service for several days. This is due to complications in the bankruptcy procedure that the company is going through.

If your Toll Free or Telephone service is interrupted by a company that is going out of business, and you are looking for a company to trust with your phone number, take a look at http://ParkMyPhone.com and consider Parking your phone number with us.

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Improvements to our self service website

We are excited to announce that starting today, you are able to make certain changes to your account, without the need to call or email our friendly customer service.

You can change the email address we send voice mail messages to, change the call forwarding destination phone number, or change your PIN code.

Log in to your account, click on Make Changes on the top menu, locate the correct service and click on Change, in order to make the corresponding change.

Please note that changes to phone numbers can take up to 30 minutes to take effect, and changes to fax numbers may take up to 2 business days.

Please let us know how you like those new features and what would you like to see next.

Hope you enjoy the service.

Family Phone

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Get calls directly to your Skype account

We are working hard these days to complete a new service for our customers.

This service will allow customers to port their number to us and receive calls on their Skype account.

Very soon you will be able to keep your phone number that you had for years and still get the calls, without paying those big bills.

Stay tuned for more news soon.

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The pros and cons of email address provided by a Telephone Company

Telcos and Cable operators are famous for selling their phone and internet bundles with this feature: “5 free email addresses for your household!” First of all, buyer beware – nothing is really free right?

Second of all, if this is your MAIN or ONLY email address – did you think what will happen if you disconnect your service with them, or move to an area where they can no longer be of service for you? The answer is simple: you will lose your email account!!

In this day and age, there are few things scarier than losing your ability to communicate electronically!
Let’s see… on my list, I would rank this in the top 5… alongside losing my sight, having my house burn down. Let’s be real, we live in world where being connected is like having the ability to breathe.

The good old cell phone has been replaced with mini-handheld ‘offices’ like the
Blackberry and iPhone. No longer is being reachable on the “home phone” enough, we need access to the internet, our emails, Facebook, Twitter… the list goes one… And we want all of this 24/7.

Many people activate these email addresses though, because let’s face it, every month you pay huge fees to have telephone and internet service with company XYZ, so you might as well take every little add-on or perk that comes with your account right? And don’t misinterpret us – these email addresses are not a bad thing, you may want to use them  occasionally, or when you don’t want to give a real address (for spammers).

However, email has become your electronic identity in many ways. Your access to many websites and service providers is dependent on your email address. many of them use it as your user name (including us :) ). We suggest that for these purposes you use an email address that will be yours for may years to come and that is not dependent on your current location or a local provider.

Popular choices for webmail these days include AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo!, and of course Google’s Gmail (which seems to be the most popular). All of these options are FREE ( I guess there is something free after all!) and very simple to sign-up with. The
best part is that they are accessible from any computer… anywhere in the world.

When you become a customer of anyone’s these days, they will ask for the “best email to reach you at” think twice before putting down an email address that is provided through your Telco or Cable provider. You need to be able to receive important information about your account, billing and services. If you give them an email address that later becomes disconnected you could be jeopardizing your ability to retrieve important information from your bank, credit card company, utilities and many other service providers.

So, do YOU have a web-based email account? If not – we have one question for you: What are you waiting for?

Start the transition today. You will be surprised but this can take a year or more of correcting email addresses in many different places.

Open your new account with the company think that will be there (for free) for the longest term. then log in to your old (local/telco) email address and set it to forward everything to your new email address. When you reply from the new address then your friends and family will slowly learn the new address.

While you still have time you will be able to ask for password resets and will still receive information that is being sent to your old email address.

But we suggest that you slowly change your email address on your online accounts.

Good Luck.

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Verizon strike may impact porting your phone number

Verizon’s employees are on strike as of this week 08/08/2011 (http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/verizon-strike-2011-landline-workers-asked-concessions-wireless/story?id=14257451).

The strike may affect the porting process of your phone number if you are porting from Verizon or to Verizon. Since not all areas are affected, we recommend that you make a quick check with both the losing phone company and the company you intend to move to – before you move your number, so that your phone number will not end up in a limbo.

Verizon Wireless is said to not be affected, but checking with their porting department is not a bad idea.

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